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Welcome to The Code Community Support Network

Welcome to the Code Committee Support Network. Our aim  aim to provide a forum where Code Committee members and experts in in-hospital emergencies can share ideas, find resources, and learn about cardiac arrest, rapid response, and inpatient emergency management. This is more than just a set of online resources – we are a community of professionals who share a passion in the treatment and prevention of inpatient deterioration. Thank you for joining us.


A one-stop shop where you will find links to up-to-date guidelines on cardiac arrest, airway management, and other in-hospital emergencies.

Penn Center for Resuscitation Science 

The mission of the Penn Center for Resuscitation Science is to improve the survival and functional outcome of victims of sudden cardiac arrest and shock. 

Cardiac Arrest & Post-Arrest Care

Targeted temperature management (TTM), , is an important intervention that has improved outcomes from cardiac arrest. The TTM Academy provides comprehensive resources and education for any TTM program.


High-fidelity simulation is crucial for quality improvement and education. We have worked with experts in the field to develop a suite of resources for you to establish, run, and improve on your hospital’s simulation and debriefing experience.

Cognitive Aids 

Cognitive Aids are prompting tools that were initially developed for aviation. Widely used in anesthesia, we have developed a series of cognitive aids for use during rapid response events. These have been adopted by the Society of Critical Care Medicine and are freely available. Find them all here.


One of our core goals is to share experiences and success stories so that we can all move towards improved patient safety. Our blog will host featured content of amazing quality improvement efforts from across our community.