Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit

Post Arrest Care: A Practical Workshop for ED- and Hospital-Based Providers

December 7, 2021 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST

The Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit is an annual conference where a spectrum of resuscitation professionals – instructors, practitioners, program directors, and researchers, as well as SCA survivors and community champions – come together for learning, inspiration, and networking.

The TTM Academy will be hosting a pre-conference workshop on TTM and post-arrest care on December 7th before taking part in the Summit.  See details regarding the workshop below.  We would love to see you there!


      • Benjamin Abella, MD MPhil

      • Sarah Perman MD

      • John Greenwood MD


      The preconference workshop will provide a practically oriented syllabus for post-arrest care education. It will consist of a mix of lectures followed by case-based exercises and group breakout discussions.


          Clinical trials on post arrest care and TTM – an overview of recent RCTs and other evidence to base state of the art practice

          Cardiac management following arrest resuscitation – discussion of post arrest cardiac catheterization, ECMO and hemodynamic management

          • Neurologic management following arrest resuscitation – discussion of post arrest brain monitoring, seizure management, and prognostication

          • Adverse effects of TTM and how to manage them – discussion of hematologic, cardiac, and other possible side effects of cooling

             Afternoon breakouts will include four carefully constructed cardiac arrest case exercises with preceptor-led discussion and small group Question and Answer sessions on post arrest care.